One Day Race Driving School Program

The Day

Our one day racing school course at Willow Springs provides new students with an introduction to race car driving and circuit etiquette. For returning or advanced students, we can work with you on improving your line and driving technique to drive down your lap times

A typical day's course starts in the early morning and runs to late afternoon, begins with a classroom session and quickly moves to practical application of skills on the track in the cars.

In Office Introduction

In Office Introduction

At 8:30am, we meet at the office adjacent to the circuit. Having completed the necessary waivers, we begin with a classroom session during which we cover:

  • Safety on track: what the flags mean and how to react to them.
  • Safety around the track: pit lane etiquette and speed limits.
  • The racing line: finding the apex and carrying speed into and through corners.
  • Braking and steering: techniques for track driving - heel and toe, oversteer, understeer and managing weight transfer.
  • Cornering: dealing with camber, decreasing radius and off-camber turns.
  • Power versus torque: getting the most from the RX-7's rotary engine.

We then take a detailed look at the Willow Springs racing line turn by turn - where we will need to shift gear, where we will need to brake and where we can go flat out. This includes a video presentation showing the ideal line for each corner.

Then it's time to pick out one of our race suits and helmets and head over to the track!

Willow Springs Registration

We take a short stop at the track office to register first time drivers. This is a procedure that is required once a year per driver. Repeat students will not need to do this on subsequent visits in the same year.

From here, the rest of the day is conducted at the circuit.

Morning Track Session

Morning Track Session

The morning track time is initially used to allow the instructors to demonstrate the line, braking and shifting points. Students also learn how to operate the racing harnesses in the cars to make sure that they can safely and efficiently enter and exit them.

After an initial session with the instructor driving and the student riding as passenger, students will be placed in the driving seat for the remainder of the day.

Instructors will pair up with new students and take the to track as drivers for the first time. Returning students can work with their instructor to set goals for the day, for example improving their line through a given corner or braking technique.



Lunch (included at no extra cost) is available at the onsite and air conditioned Paddock Diner. The diner which serves traditional American fare, including vegetarian options and a wide range of beverages.

Snacks and drinks are available from the diner throughout the day.

Afternoon Track Session

Afternoon Track Session

We'll spend the afternoon working with the instructors to develop the skills that were introduced in the morning, with students doing all of the driving. Students can expect several sessions of track time in the afternoon with the time between being used to discuss lessons learned and improvements to try on the next run. We run timed sessions so that students can measure their lap times.

Once the instructor is confident with the student's progress, the student may be able to take to the track solo. Overall students can expect to cover around 20 laps / 50 miles driving during the day.

Ready to learn new skills and build on those you already have? Get in touch and let's make it happen!